Prestige Club
The most transparent way
to earn pETH.
Up to +54% p.a. on your pETH.
Blockchain, Decentralized and anonymous platform, Totally secure income based on Ethereum smart-contract.
Why choosing Prestige Club?
Decentralized and anonymous investment without complete control of an admin.

Prestige Club is founded in the beginning of 2020 by innovators from diverse backgrounds and industries to solve major financial pain points. Our goal is to bring investment to the next level by leveraging the possibilities of decentralization and distributed code execution.



  • Get pETH via popular exchange Uniswap.
  • Download Metamask and charge it with your pETH.

Make a deposit

Deposit the pETH
  • Send pETH to our smartcontract through our dashboard.
  • Send any amount above 0.2 pETH and start to get earnings every moment.

Get Earnings

Get your pETH at any time
You can check all your wallet information, including your deposits, earnings, withdrawal and referral statistics in real time.

Request Withdrawal

Get your pETH every moment
  • Your payout will come instantly
  • Request withdraw from the same wallet you deposited
  • All your wallet profits and referral earnings will be withdrawn with single transaction per 1 request
Benefits of Smart Contracts

100% Decentralized

Prestige Club is a peer to peer platform.
All payments go directly to the members and are managed by a smart contract.

100% Transparency

Every transaction will be verifiable on the blockchain. You can view all of the transactions from all members, so you know exactly how the company is growing.


There will never be any personal information collected, since the platform is decentralized and has no owners. It belongs to the community and everyone is anonymous.


Verified Smart Contract

Using every possibility the Ethereum Blockchain provides, we have created a Smart Contract that can never be changed or hacked into. It is located directly on the Blockchain, and is secure.


No Boundries

You can reach people all around the world and there are no geographical boundaries that prevent you from creating the business you want.

Secure and Decentralized
Totally secure income based on an Ethereum Smart Contract
Put your pETH to work, with up to 0,15% per day guaranteed.
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Frequently asked Questions

Prestige Club is the international community of the global decentralized ecosystem and the first ever Ethereum smart contract Pool-marketing System.
This is a self-executing software algorithm that performs the function of distributing partner rewards between community members, subject to certain conditions . The contract code is publicly available. Information about transactions can always be viewed at

The Prestige Club platform consists of a self-executing contract, which automatically manages the users funds.

A smart contract is a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement between different users being directly written into a immutable piece of code. This code and the rules programmed into it exist across a distributed, decentralized network. The code controls the execution, and transactions are trackable and irreversible.

To register on Prestige Club you need to send 0.2 pETH to the smart contract. This can be done using our Backoffice and Metamask. The transaction itself constitutes your registration on the platform.
Please note: When depositing pETH, you need to account for the network’s and contract’s commissions.

Firstly, you need to have Metamask installed, connected with your Ethereum-Address. Then you can make your initial deposit through our dashboard

The easiest way is to follow the instructions on

Subscribe to the verified Prestige Club channels on Telegram. Send any questions to our members, who will be happy to share their experience or get in contact with our support.

Beta Tester User Agreement 

Please note that this is a Beta version of PrestigeClub. The platform, its software and all content found on it are provided on an „as is“ and „as available“ basis. 

While we have made reasonable efforts to ensure the security and functionality of the PrestigeClub platform including forking much of the codebase from existing well-audited projects, there is still the possibility of unwanted bugs/effects on the platform and its related systems. 

We strongly advise caution to anyone who chooses to use the early experimental version.